Mouse-Balb/c anti‑Human Alpha-Fetoprotein IgG1 Monoclonal RW-B16541-50

Antibody: Alpha-Fetoprotein Mouse-Balb/c anti-Human Monoclonal (Concentrated) (C2) Antibody, Application: IHC, IHC-P, Reactivity: Human, Format: Unconjugated, Concentrated, Descriptio: Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) is a major plasma protein produced by the fetal yolk sac and liver. Alpha-fetoprotein expression in adults is often associated with hepatoma or teratoma. However, hereditary persistance of alpha-fetoprotein may also be found in individuals with no obvious pathology. The level of alpha-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid is used to measure renal loss of protein to screen for spina bifida and anencephaly. In immunohistochemistry, antibodies to AFP have cytoplasmic positivity in hepatocellular carcinomas, embryonal carcinomas and yolk sac and other germ cell tumors. In normal tissue, AFP is positive in the placenta, shows cytoplasmic positivity in the liver, and can be found in extracellular secretions.

References: Cancers (Basel). 2018 Apr; 10(4): 108, PMID: 29621151; Molecular and Clinical Oncology. 2013. 1.4: 593-598, DOI: 10.3892/mco.2013.119; International Journal of Hepatology. 2012. Vol 2012(893103), DOI:10.1155/2012/893103, Targe: Human Alpha-Fetoprotein, Synonym: AFP | Alpha-1-fetoprotein | Alpha-fetoprotein | HPAFP | Alpha-fetoglobulin | FETA, Hos: Mouse-Balb/c, Reactivit: Human (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity), Non-Reactivit: Rat, Bovine, Dog, Clonalit: IgG1 Monoclonal, Clon: C2, Conjugation: Unconjugated, Purificatio: Purified, Modification: Concentrated, Immunoge: Alpha fetoprotein isolated from serum of hepatoma patients. Splenocytes were fused with mouse myeloma cell line P3-X63-Ag8.653., Application: IHC
IHC - Paraffin (1:50), Performing IHC? See our complete line of Immunohistochemistry Reagents including antigen retrieval solutions, blocking agents ABC Detection Kits and polymers, biotinylated secondary antibodies, substrates and more: None, Usag: Applicable for immunohistochemistry on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded sections and for cryostat sections and cell smears., Presentatio: PBS, 0.05% Sodium Azide, Storag: Store at 2-8°C., Restriction: For research use only. Intended for use by laboratory professionals., Guarante: This antibody carries the RW 100% Guarantee., About Alpha-Fetoprotei: Uniprot: P02771 NCBI: NM_001134 NP_001125.1

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