Mouse anti‑Rat DBH/Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase IgG1 Monoclonal RW-C84400-2

Antibody: DBH/Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase Mouse anti-Rat Monoclonal Antibody, Application: ICC, WB, ELISA, Reactivity: Rat, Human, Cat, Guinea pig, Pig, Rabbit, Format: Unconjugated, Unmodified, Descriptio: Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase antibody RW-C84400 is an unconjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase (DBH) from rat. It is reactive with human, cat, guinea pig and other species. Validated for ELISA, ICC and WB., Targe: Rat DBH/Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase, Synonym: DBH | DBM | Dopamine beta-hydroxylase, Hos: Mouse, Reactivit: Rat, Human, Cat, Guinea pig, Pig, Rabbit (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity), Clonalit: IgG1 Monoclonal, Conjugation: Unconjugated, Purificatio: Tissue culture supernatant, Modification: Unmodified, Immunoge: Rat Dopamine b-Hydroxylase., Specificit: Rat Dopamine b-Hydroxylase: 100% reactivity. No cross reaction was found against mouse, rabbit, guinea pig, cat or human DBHwhen tested by ICC or ELISA., Application: ICC
Western blot
ELISA, Presentatio: Lyophilized culture supernatant, Thimerosal, Reconstitutio: 2 ml Sterile water, Storag: Store at 4°C while lyophilized, once reconstituted aliquot and freeze at -20°C., Restriction: For research use only. Intended for use by laboratory professionals., Guarante: This antibody carries the RW 100% Guarantee., About DBH/Dopamine Beta Hydroxylas: Uniprot: P09172 NCBI: NM_000787 NP_000778.3

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